Jennifer Cox loves historical romance.

Like many readers, Jennifer has loved historical romance since middle school and has faithfully read it ever since.

About ten years ago, she started searching for a character she thought should exist by now – a Regency Era woman who begins the Traveling Finishing School for Young Ladies. To no avail.

Two years ago, she wrote it herself. The story of Lady Lydia Leighton, who blackmails Viscount Hasting into a faux engagement in order to get to London and start her dream, is now reality.

Jennifer was just announced as a finalist in the Fiction from the Heartland Romance Competition.

Jennifer is represented by Stefanie Rossitto at The Tobias Literary Agency.

Book One:

The Promise of Scandal

Lady Lydia Leighton has one path to success: delaying Mama’s matchmaking long enough for her to get to London and begin her scheme. So she sneaks into Viscount Hasting’s room to blackmail him into a faux engagement.

By day, Lydia’s scheme progresses as she finds all that she needs in London.

By night, they are an engaged couple twirling through ballrooms, gaining insight into each other.

Edward knows two things: that he’s the ultimate catch and that love isn’t for him. He knows that this is all a ruse – so why is he utterly captivated by his little sister’s friend in a way he’s never felt before?

The Regency Era Captured

A Historical Romance for You


women who find their own path

Slow Burn

the attraction builds and never lets up


descriptions that bring you back in time


the conversations you wish you had

The series that takes you places.

Currently, Jennifer has plans for six books in the Traveling Finishing School for Young Ladies Series.

  • Book 2: Amelia travels to Paris
  • Book 3: Kate travels to India
  • Book 4: Dinah travels to Egypt
  • Book 5: Roshni travels to Hampshire
  • Book 6: Cecelia escapes France

Amelia & Matthew

When Lydia’s friend Amelia trains the first group of guides in Paris, Hasting chooses his upstanding friend Matthew to protect and chaperone. But as Amelia and Matthew spend time together, their attraction only grows. Hasting changed his life, so certainly Matthew can control his boundless attraction to his best friend’s sister. Can’t he?

The Promise of Paris

Kate & Gabriel

When Hasting’s little sister Kate sails to India to settle her uncle’s estate, she encounters a French Canadian who assumes she’s the worst kind of British colonial. So when he discovers that she’s the one he must work with, temptation sparks hot for them both. How will they keep their fiery emotions in check?

The Promise of Desire

Dinah & Suresh

Lydia’s younger sister, Dinah, is dramatic and intense and storms London looking for the perfect match. Suresh has only agreed to chaperone his cousin’s trip to the Middle East to escape London and women like Dinah. So when she boards, he assumes a battle of wills, not attraction. Will there be anything smooth about their trip to Egypt?

The Promise of Passion

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