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Jennifer Cox loves witty romance.

A steamy, poetic romcom, Word on the Street is an enemies-to-lovers romance of 93,000 words inspired by the beloved 90’s movie Reality Bites.

Fantastic word play, a found family, podcast meetings, a surprise mixtape, and an insightful tarot reading create magic in this book.

Jennifer was a finalist in the Fiction from the Heartland Romance Competition.

Jennifer is represented by Stefanie Rossitto at The Tobias Literary Agency.

A romp through New York, Austin, and San Francisco.

Word on the Street

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As an academic who specializes in psychology and gender, Dr. Laine Foster literally wrote the book on the bad behavior of men, an entire chapter devoted to the disgustingly charming social media influencer, Tyler Luce.

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She didn’t think she’d ever have to meet him, much less sit across from him monthly. But when her agent pushes her to challenge him on a new yearlong podcast about relationships, she reluctantly agrees.

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Is he as terrible as this academic feminist has made him seem? C’mon, of course not! He was simply providing interesting content; she’s the awful one! Now if he could only shake her voice that’s stuck in his head.

Modern Sensibilities

A Rom Com inspired by Reality Bites.


women who find their own path


the wordplay hooks deep and spurs you on.


a found family that leads with support


the conversations you wish you had

The romance series with wit, adventure, and compelling characters.

Currently, Jennifer has plans for two other books in this series.

  • Book 2: Inspired by Moonstruck
  • Book 3: Inspired by Four Weddings & A Funeral

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